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We represent UKIP in the Parliamentary Constituency of Meon Valley in Hampshire. We're delighted that you've found us!

Use the tabs ("Policies", "Elections" and "Meon Valley") above to discover more about our policies to boost democracy, free the UK economy and strengthen our community through the election process.

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Recent articles

Cameron - how Blairite was Dave?

Political Chimera

England is now the second most crowded major country in Europe because of Blair. Another legacy of Blair is the huge increase in the national debt. Let's look at net immigration and debt over the last twenty years. See what the trend differences are between the Blair and Cameron years. And, answer the question: how Blairite was Cameron?

What is the EU?

EU shadow over Europe

The EU (European Union) is a product of the bureaucrats and politicians of the early 1950s. It's amazing how the subterfuge of what it really is, has been maintained over the many decades since then. What started as seemingly just a trade deal over coal and steel, now makes the majority of the laws that govern us.

Wondered why all those houses are being built around you?

Close correlation

Across Hampshire major new housing developments are being planned and built. In the Meon Valley and elsewhere, these have met local resistance. An analysis of population figures confirms what most are thinking, but intimidation stops them saying...

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